Dioctyl Adipate

Dioctyl Adipate

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Dioctyl Hexanedioate
HS Code
C 22 H 42 O 4
Clear colourless to slightly yellowish liquid
Common Names
Di-n-octyl adipate, Adiimoll DO, Dioctyladipat, Adipic Acid, Octylester, Adipic Acid Dioctyl Ester
  • Plastisizer
Sub Category
  • Others
  • Dioctyl adipate (DOA) is a light colored, oily liquid generally used as a plasticizer for PVC. It can be used alone or blended with other plasticizers, such as DOP or DOTP. DOA is soluble in oil but not water. DOA is most commonly used as a plasticizer due to its extreme flexibility, low temperature and good electrical properties. It also has a strong resistance to weathering and good heat stability. There are many uses for DOA, but it is most likely being used as clear films for food packaging. DOA is an effective plasticizer that provides the utmost flexibility and stability at low temperatures. In its solid state, the organic compound is a clear liquid that can be easily added to other plasticizer such as DOP and DOTP. It is also compatible with nitrocellulose, ethyl cellulose, high-butyryl cellulose acetate butyrates and most synthetic rubbers. 

The Key Properties of DOA

  • Flexibility at low temperatures
  • Good electrical properties
  • Strong resistance to weathering
  • Good heat stability
  • Blendable with other plasticizer
  • Compatible with most rubber materials
  • No special handling required


  • Dioctyl adipate (DOA) or commonly called Di(20ethylhexyl) adipate (DEHA) is usually synthesized in laboratory instead of using a standard grade from the market in order to validate the reaction system as well as to compare the physico-chemical characteristics of the obtained products. Dioctyl adipate (DOA) is prepared by the esterification of adipic acid and 2-ethyl hexanol. The formulation contained octanol, diethylethylene glycol, monopropylene glycol, adipic acid and butyl stannoic acid. 
  • The reactions were carried out in a solvent-free system using a water-jacketed glass vessel. Adipatic acid and ethylhexanol were placed in a reactor preheated to the desired temperature with a water circulator. The reaction is initiated by the addition of the enzyme (C. Antarctica) to the substrate mixture with stirring. Then, the mixture is stirred and heated until the solid completely dissolved.

  • Clear Film for Food Packaging

As dioctyl adipate meets the requirements for food-contact materials (FCM), it may also be used in the manufacture of flexible PVC films used for food packaging.

  • Plasticizer in PVC

DOA is used as a plasticizer in PVC paste and pulp mixtures and as an additive in many other processes.

  • Water Treatment

DOA/DEHA is used in water treatment formulation to control corrosion in boilers. Due to its oxygen scavenging properties, it can prevent the corrosion of steel and other metals.